Euroimpianti Firenze by Efffe Group S.r.l.

- Model RS - High Performance Fan



The high performance fan Mod. RS with upturned blades is used for the job where is necessary an high capacity and low prevalence and they are used for the suction of clean and not much dusty air. They are built in strong sheet steel painted, steel fan statically and dinamic equilibrated. Fluid temperature: up to 60°C in standard execution; special executions for higher temperature.

These fans are available in 3 constructional classes (1-2-3) determined by the speed of the blades. Noise values are obtained with the measurement in the 4 point of the compass at the distance of 1,5 mt from the fan. It is excluded the engine. Measurement according to the law UNI 7179-73P.

The fans RS have 16 orientation positions ( 8 RD and 8 LG) defined looking at the fan from the transmission. Special construction: no spark with protection on the not rotating parts ; no corrosive version is built and painted with special materials ( stainless steel). High Temperature version: with a little fano up to 300°C ( special realization for temperature up to 450°C).

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