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- High Performance H.E.P.A. Vacuum / Drumming Systems



This HEPA vacuum waste collection system provides large, steady vacuum flows to entrain and transport waste over a wide range of operating conditions, like lead paint removal.

  • Minimize worker exposure to hazardous waste during operation using dual-stage HEPA filtration
  • Minimize necessary filter changes by self-cleaning its filters
  • Maximize reliability by eliminating almost all moving parts
  • Eliminate direct waste handling by controlling drum replacement
  • Eliminate drum overfilling by automatic level detection

These portable, high performance vacuum systems are uniquely designed to support Pentek’s line of dustless surface decontamination tools such as the Corner-Cutter®, Roto-Peen and SQUIRREL®-III. VAC-PAC® technology has also found industrial application in support of other vacuum and dust-collection operations designed to ensure environmental protection and occupational health and safety in the workplace.

The standard VAC-PAC® design offers two-stage positive filtration of hazardous particulates, including radioactivity, toxic chemicals and lead-based paint. First stage efficiency is 95% at 1 micron; second state HEPA efficiency is 99.97% at 0.3 microns. First stage design offers automatic self-cleaning by reverse-flow pulses of high pressure air. This feature substantially reduces the need for routine filter maintenance; recommended replacement is at annual intervals. Even extremely fine powders such as portland cement can be vacuumed on a continuous basis without interruption. VACPAC® reliability is high, as the system is designed with virtually no moving parts!

All VAC-PAC® systems feature compact, high efficiency pneumatic eductors or electric vacuum generators. Compared to competitive systems, this results in a more efficient consumption of power and an increase in usable vacuum flow of over 400% over a typical working range of vacuum between 15 and 60 in. W.G. (see performance chart below). VAC-PAC® offers performance capabilities typically found only in expensive truck-mounted “super vacuums,” but at a fraction of the investment!

Also featured in the VAC-PAC® design is Pentek’s patented controlled-seal drum fill system which allows the operator to fill, seal, remove, and replace the waste drum under controlled vacuum conditions. This assures positive control of waste and dust, and minimizes the possibility of releasing airborne contamination during drum changing operations. Users will find that accidental operator contact with the waste, contamination of external waste drum surfaces, and the need for respiratory protection for operating personnel is also minimized.

Waste remains stationary at all times, as the VAC-PAC® is safely and conveniently positioned above palletized or drawer-supported waste drums. Full, sealed waste drums are immediately ready for further handling activities. Standard 55-gallon (U.S.) drums can be accommodated by all models. Special 23-gallon drums are available which can be placed inside standard 55-gallon, UN1A2-Y1.5-100 (previously DOT 17H) overpacks for later compaction, transport, and burial. Interfaces to other drum sizes and waste containers can be engineered and fabricated to meet customer specific needs.

Other exclusive VAC-PAC® features include:

  • Automatic, full-drum level alarm.
  • Multiple nozzles for simultaneous operation of several hoses.
  • High flow capacities operate with hoses up to 200 feet long.
  • Compact design will roll through doorways.

The VAC-PAC® system is configured to order, so please contact us to inquire about available options, including:

  • Vacuum Capacity: 150 to 600 CFM
  • Power: Pneumatic Compressor or 3-Phase Electric
  • Filtration: HEPA or Nuclear Qualified Media
  • Tool ports: 3 to 6
  • Optional Safety Shut-off Valve
  • Optional Integrated Blower and 23.5-gallon Drum Drawer

Limited Warranty

The VAC-PAC® is warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery. Pentek makes no other warranties or representation, expressed or implied, with respect to functionability or fitness for use of a particular purpose. In no event shall Pentek be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the application or
use of any products provided

  • Direct and Immediate Vacuum Stream From Abrasive Power Tool Cleaning
  • Radiological Materials, PCBs, Lead-Based Paints, Chemical Residues, Heavy Metals, Asbestos, Abrasives, Pesticides, Fertilizers and Caustic or Acidic Agents.
  • Fine Powders or Heavy Bulk Consistencies
  • Low Supervision and Maintenance
  • Self Cleaning and Minimal Moving Parts
  • High Efficiency Vacuum Generation - Minmized Compressed Air Requirements
  • Eliminates Multiple Single Nozzle Inefficient Vacs
  • No Costly Containment Stuctures
  • Easily Adapts to Man-Lift Operation or Scaffolding
  • Over TWENTY Years of Proven Operation

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