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Fracing spoils and spills have been historically collected using a $300,000-$400,000 vacuum truck or air-mover. Vector Technologies has a better idea, the FrackVac™. The FrackVac is a high powered vacuum unit mounted on a roll-off trailer platform for quick and easy mobilization. Instead of loading into the air-mover’s body, spoils are loaded into readily available vacuum boxes which can be transported to the disposal site with a hoist-hook truck at the customer’s convenience.

Overweight truck conditions are eliminated, the vacuum is always on-site and available for both scheduled and unplanned work, equipment wear and tear is greatly reduced and job safety is increased. An air-mover was never designed for long road miles; it’s costly to maintain and even when partially filled is often over the legal weight limit. FrackVacs are available in several models including systems equal in power to the largest air-movers. Why not switch to a FrackVac?

Why You Should Switch to a FrackVac

  • Reduce environmental risks with a simple, easy to operate, always present vacuum system
  • Vacuum into readily available vacuum boxes; dump at your convenience
  • Increase available vacuum utilization hours with a full-time, on-site vacuum
  • Operate with lower skilled and more likely available drivers and workers
  • Eliminate the need to send the air-mover/vacuum truck off site for dumping and the common “waiting for the truck” experience
  • Reduce acquisition cost by 2/3 as compared to a standard air-mover
  • Reduce operating costs and eliminate the road wear and tear on the vacuum truck
  • Compact and mobile design allows for simplified equipment staging, where needed
  • DOT compliance challenges are reduced with weight overloads being eliminated
  • On-board, high-pressure heated water is optionally offered for sludge liquefying and frac tank cleaning
  • FrackVacs™ are available in varied performance levels including power equal to the largest vacuum trucks

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