- Model P Series - High Pressure Carbon Steel Adsorber



The CANSORB P Series of Modular Activated Carbon Adsorbers are capable of operations where full backwash is required, including applications for backwashing activated carbon and for use as a multi-media filter. These activated carbon adsorber and water filtration units are fabricated of PVQ (pressure vessel quality) carbon steel and come equipped with a high solids epoxy lining. Where process conditions dictate, the GAC adsorption vessels can be fabricated from other materials such as stainless steel. TIGG also manufactures ASME Section VIII code stamped vessels. In addition, a different lining can be substituted for the high solids epoxy. The liquid collection system is designed to promote even flow distribution and thus, efficient adsorbent utilization. Manways are 18' x 14' elliptical located on top of tank for easy access.

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