Skov A/S

Skov A/S

High Pressure Cooling System



Cooling with atomized water particles. With high-pressure cooling, a finely atomized water vapour is added to the air in the house. High-pressure cooling is used in both LPV and tunnel systems and can reduce the house temperature by 10°C, depending on outdoor temperature and relative humidity. The cooling nozzles are placed at the air inlet of the house and can be used without harming the litter. The cooling system is easy to regulate and can be adapted to all types of housing.

Additional functions

High-pressure cooling can also be used for more than just cooling. The system can minimise dust problems in the house as well as raise humidity levels. Between the individual batches, the cooling system can be used to soak the house, which makes it easier to wash it down.

Antidrip valve and optimal placing

Due to the nozzle heads, the cooling system can easily be adapted for all types of houses – also in connection with renovation work. The holes for the nozzles are made with special tools after final installation and can thus be placed optimally in relation to the air intake. All nozzles are supplied with antidrip valve, in order to avoid problems arising with the litter.

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