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Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc.

Model 6187 Series - High Pressure Gas Filter



The 6187 Series is a high pressure gas filter that employs a fine cloth filter media of microporous fiberglass supported between a wire mesh disc and high pressure rated screen. The unit is constructed of all welded 316 stainless steel housing to provide maximum purity. The support screen prevents the filter element from collapsing in the event of a sudden impact of gas at 2500 psig (maximum).

Typically, these filters function as 'prefilters' for a high purity gas delivery line. Installation is usually between the source cylinder and a regulator, affording an extra measure of filtration protection.

While most Matheson Tri-Gas regulators are supplied with a built-in internal filter at the inlet side, the 6187 Series with 0.2 micron efficiency provides longer service life to the regulator and reduced particulate in the gas stream delivered to the pointof-use. The filter needs to be replaced when saturated.

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