Neron Pumps

Model HWB Series - High Pressure Washer



The Neròn, high pressure washer(HWB,HPP and HPX) are high pressure hydro cleaners for professional and industrial uses, driven with three axial pistons, moved by the makes this little tool unique and exclusive.The oil, coming from the power pack or from the main system, moves in the rear section of the pump, comes in from the port P1, produces the reciprocating movement of the pistons and goes back through the port T1.

The fluid to pomp(fresh water, salt water, glycol, oil, chemical products) moves in the front section of the pump, comes in from the port Q2 and goes out under the push of the pistons from the port P2. The fluid can be sucked for a reservoir, or from any distribution water net.The power of the hydraulic system is transformed, with a continuous fluid substantially with no beats, into an equivalent power on the circuit of the fluid to pump.

According to the various models, a different outlet flow can be reached, based on the inlet flow and different outlet pressure can be reached, based on the inlet pressure. Either the higher flow or higher pressure can be endowed according to the application. The Neròn pumps being strong, extremely powerful, suitable to be installed on mobile machines can solve all the problems connected to the high pressure and water technology

  • full power and trust
  • technologically unbeatable
  • provided of safety devices
  • easy and practice to use and to connect
  • very small dimensions
  • installation in any desired position
  • easy connection of the chemical injector to
  • suck solvent, soaps and detergents
  • easy to install and to carry
  • low noise and low vibrations
  • running in any environment conditions
  • immersion in the water
  • saving of mere water costs and saving large waste
  • water volumes
  • nearly no maintenance required
  • no-comparable working life thanks to the oil self lubrication
  • for its own nature, anti explosive, anti spark, anti electric shock
  • definitive low prices

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