CESCO Aqua Miser Inc.

- Model E75-II - High Pressure Waterjet Blasting for Paint & Coatings Removal


Designed for demanding industrial operating conditions, the Aqua Miser Ultra Boss E75-II offers 40,000 PSI waterjet blasting power at 3 gallons per minute. Featuring the environmentally friendly BOSS technology, the system uses tap water, electricity and hazard-free bicarbonate of soda stripping (BOSS) instead of dangerous chemicals or solvents for effective, safe removal of paint and coatings!

Saving you money, the system does not use any high maintenance bypass or unloader valves. Additionally, the motor start and runs to set pressure only as the operator actuates the gun trigger. The system is designed to minimize pump wear as well as power and water consumption.

Easy controls, the 8' color touch screen operator interface provides full instrumentation for monitoring and control of the system. Featuring digitally displayed gages for high-pressure, filter differential, air supply, and water level, diagnostics and updates are also available over the internet. The fault indicators provide enhanced safety and dependability. The unit is also equipped with electronic transducers.

  • Paint and Coatings Removal
  • Abrasive Media Attachment Optional

  • Safe, Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly Bicarbonate of Soda Stripping
  • Quiet Operation
  • Electronically Maintained Pump Setting
  • Fault Indicators for Enhanced Safety, Dependability
  • Integrated Water Filtration System
  • Cost Saving Waste Management
  • No High Maintenance Bypass or Unloader Valves

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