Hydration Technology Innovations, LLC (HTI)

High Solids Ultrafiltration (UF) System


High Solids Ultrafiltration (UF) is a remarkable technology in which hydrostatic pressure forces high concentration solution against a specialized semipermeable membrane filter to dramatically remove suspended solids. High Solids Ultrafiltration Technology can be applicable any time high molecular weight solutes must be removed from a solution allowing low molecular weight molecules and water to pass through. HTI engineers have created a unique Ultrafiltration membrane that is especially suited for separating emulsified oils and fats from water.

HTI's Ultrafiltration membrane aggressively absorbs water and allows it to pass through the membrane quickly and at high rates of flux, while rejecting nearly all oils and fats.

Technology Background

HTI originally perfected its unique version of High Solids Ultrafiltration for a leading Aerospace company that had failed to identify an economically viable solution for separating its oily wastewaters.

High Solids Ultrafiltration technology can be applied to various industries including:

  • Landfills
  • Machining
  • Food Processing
  • Methane Digesters
  • Membrane Bio Reactor
  • Oil and Gas Wastewater
  • Refining

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