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- High Speed Bagging System



The proposed Bagging System uses high speed bagging & stitching machines from Japan, capable of delivering over 1000 bags per hour within demonstrated accuracy of 5 gm. In sugar sector, single battery of machines i.e. one bagging & stitching, are capable of handling sugar from high capacity plants.

  • We offer the complete solution, which includes higher end of Engineering and Design.
  • This weighing technology is the most advanced in the world having three load cell mechanisms.
  • The accuracy, consistency and repeatability are the most stringent.
  • Experience & R&D based software, which is highly user friendly and accurate.
  • As the weight chamber is hanging on three load cells, any weight variation is sensed on a real time basis on a PLC platform. Weighing accuracy thus achieved is 0.0gm to + 20.0 gm. In case of crystalline sugar, average accuracy achieved is 5.0 gms.
  • Other makes use two load cell system where the weight is a “derived” figure based on the reaction forces and certain standard assumptions, and hence never an accurate data on a real time basis. Users are forced to loose extra amount per bag (Avg. 100 gms.) due to the limitation of available technology.
  • Individual overloading of load cells is only 150% (75 kg).The system is highly sensitive with much faster response time.
  • Other makes are usually 2 load cell machines, and are designed for 100-kg weighment. Therefore, considering 4.5 times overload capacity of weighing machine, individual load cell is of 225 Kg.As the same load cells are used for 50 kgs, the loading of individual load cells at 50 kgs set value is one ninth times (1/9th). Hence sensitivity/accuracy is greatly reduced.
  • Three inlet valves ensure superior inflow control and hence higher accuracy.We ensure 0-20 gm accuracy by monitoring the last drop of less than one kilogram.
  • Other makes use only two valves resulting inconsistent result with lesser accuracy. These machines try to achieve the accuracy by monitoring the last drop of fifteen kilogram or more.
  • The entire system is PLC controlled with a very fast dynamic response time.The equipment has a close –loop feedback system. Any under weighment gets corrected with second time actuation of fine feed value producing no short-weighing. Moreover, all these mechanisms are incorporated keeping the machine output speed constant.
  • Other makes do not make use of PLC & they are generally microprocessor controlled. Short weighments are common and standard feature. The microprocessor is less flexible and not up-gradable
  • The system has unique communication protocol (Optional-CC link), which reduces the hardware drastically.
  • Other makes do not have communication protocol thereby needing excessive hardware, more maintenance and very difficult diagnostic procedure.
  • Automatic adjustment of in-flight material.
  • Locking value never exceeds 50 gms even for the most difficult materials.
  • For other makes, the locking value least count is 50 gms.Therefore, they can be set either at 50 gm or at 100gm. They are practically set at minimum 100 gms with a common setting of 150 gms.If it is set below this figure, the rejection rate goes up drastically.
  • As per standard norms of our machine, calibration is required to be checked /reset only after 2 to 3 years.
  • For other makes with two load cell machine, this period can be as frequent as a week.
  • Machine accuracy is not dependent on quantity in overhead silo or speed of operation.
  • For other makes, machine accuracy gets reduced greatly at higher speed or lesser material quantity in over head silo.
  • System, performance remains absolutely intact under day-to-day change in manufacturing conditions due to close-loop feedback mechanism and self-correction mechanism.
  • Maintenance-free, negligible spare.
  • Stitching speed is very high.The machine can operate even up to 1500 bags/hour.
  • This stitching machine has a unique enclosed oil bath lubrication system, which greatly extends life of moving parts.This is designed for maintenance free working in dusty atmosphere.

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