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- High Speed Evaporation System


Vortex, heating and vacuum are the keywords to a high-efficient evaporation of solvents. Through orbital shaking (vortexing) of the samples their evaporating surface is substantially increased and they are kept in constant movement. The advantages over centrifugation are obvious. There is no problem in vortexing evaporating sample at different speeds. Imbalance is a foreign word for the CombiDancer. Even heat distribution accelerates the evaporation process, minimizing bumping. Gentle heating counteracts a potential freezing of samples. There are 3 solutions available for heating:

  • heating the surface of the sample with halogen rods
  • A compartment heater prevents the condensation of solvents in the sample compartment
  • Temperature sensors of the new heated shaker plate of the CombiDancer at the bottom of the sample rack.

There is no problem for light or heat sensitive samples, since all heating solutions can be controlled separately and precisely to achieve a gentle heating.The vacuum system Vacuubrand VarioTM produces optimum vacuum to work with the CombiDancer. Intelligent control minimizes boiling delay by adapting the pumping speed to the evaporation process. It automatically detects varying vapor pressure of the evaporating solvents and optimizes the operating parameters of the pump.


  • No balancing of the samples
  • No compression of the gas phase
  • No rotating parts


  • Heating of the sample surface
  • Independent compartment heater
  • Measurement of sample or rack temperature


  • Automatic vapour sensor
  • No hysteresis
  • Controllable pump frequency

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