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Spencer’s high speed, high efficiency single-stage turbo blower technology was developed with a focus on maximum efficiency to help customers reduce energy costs while providing reliable air delivery for aeration needs.

As a result, Spencer offers five AyrJet Series high speed, high efficiency single-stage turbo blowers with magnetic bearing protection and control technology. These are compact units that include a direct drive oil-free permanent magnet motor and an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) with PLC controls. The AyrJet Series features best-in-industry wire to air efficiencies.

With the AyrJet Series’ highly engineered, proven magnetic bearing technology, the blower shaft is levitated and centered at both ends in their respective magnetic fields. From the moment power is applied the magnetic bearing controller monitors and adjusts the magnetic fields to maintain the shaft-centered position, virtually eliminating contact, friction and the need for oil or grease lubrication. The continuous monitoring and adjustment of the magnetic fields to maintain the shaft’s centered position ensures protection from catastrophic failure.

Designed to meet continuous-duty aeration requirements with peak energy efficiency over the full range of variable diurnal and seasonal flow requirements, the AyrJet Series is an investment in optimum performance for water and wastewater treatment aeration.

High speed turbo blowers are an investment in efficient aeration

Typically aeration blowers represent up to 80% of the annual operating expenses at water and wastewater treatment plants because of energy consumption. To help improve energy efficiency and reduce overall costs at a plant, the AyrJet product family includes five series and fifteen models featuring pressures to 19 psig (131 kPa) and with maximum flows ranging from 2400 cfm (4077 m3/hr) to 11,000 cfm (18,689 m3/hr).

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