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- Model DG Series - High Surface Area Pleated Micro-Fiberglass Cartridge



ACCU-CLEAR™  pleated cartridges were developed to meet the process needs and throughput requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics, chemical, and other critical industries. This high performance range of filter cartridges is constructed of pleated micro-fiberglass filter medium laminated to a non-woven polyester support.

  • High surface area filter cartridges constructed of pleated micro-fiberglass media provide absolute particle retention and long on-stream life cycles.
  • Absolute removal ratings available from 0.6 to 40 μm.
  • The filter medium with controlled pore sizes and stringent quality control standards guarantee a uniform matrix for effective, consistent filtration performance.
  • Materials of construction provide wide chemical compatibility in most liquid and gas applications.
  • All cartridges are constructed and assembled in a clean room environment to ensure minimal particle contamination.
  • High strength, polypropylene components and advanced thermal bonding techniques ensure cartridge integrity under severe operating conditions.
  • No adhesives, binders, lubricants, or coatings are used in the manufacturing process to ensure the lowest levels of leachables or extractables.
  • Pharmaceutical grade offers 100% lot traceabilit

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