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- Model 900 - High Temperature Non Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter



J.U.M.'s External Non Methane Hydrocarbon Cutter allows the added capability to measure alternately METHANE ONLY or THC with one heated total hydrocarbon analyzer (HFID).

The J.U.M. Engineering Model 900 External NMHC Cutter is the low cost alternative compared to 'all in one' heated non methane hydrocarbon analyzers. The cutter is housed in a 19 inch rack mount case and is to be added in series to the sample inlet of a total hydrocarbon FID analyzer. In the 'Methane'-mode the catalyst allows only Methane to reach the FID analyzer. The FID analyzer will consequently measure Methane only. In the 'THC'-mode the catalyst is bypassed and the FID analyzer will consequently measure total hydrocarbons, including the Methane. A stainless steel assembly (pat. pend.) which contains a proprietary catalyst is housed inside of the heated oven in the rack mount case. The heated oven is maintained at a stable temperature by an internal microprocessor controlled temperature controller.

The Model 900 includes all necessary plumbing, our permanent sample filter which is cleaned by back purging and all solenoid switching valves, all in one oven. The switching valves allow the catalytic converter to be switched into and out of the sample stream. The heated FID analyzer will consequently measure total hydrocarbons or methane only. To determine the non-methane hydrocarbon concentration the methane concentration needs to be subtracted from the total hydrocarbon concentration following the various national regulations. All connectors are on the rear panel, all controls are activated by front panel switches. Remote control for CH4-sample, THC-sample, calibrate and backpurge is available.

  • Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 483 (19') x 580 x 132
  • Converter chamber:fully heated
  • Chamber temperature:factory pre-set, locked and wire sealed
  • Temperature control: dgital PID-type controller with µ-processor
  • Catalyst effiency: >98% for Ethane and heavier hydrocarbons.
  • Warm up time: 180 min
  • Gas connectors: stainless steel 616S, Swagelok® 1/4'
  • Max. sample flow: 2,5 Liters / Minute
  • CnHm inlet. concentration: max. 1000 ppm Propane equivalent
  • Power requirements: either230VAC/50Hz, 500 W or 115VAC/60Hz, 500 W
  • Ambient temperature: 5°C - 43°C (41°F - 110°F)
  • Weight: approx. 17 kg

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