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The high vacuum dual phase extraction process involves the subsurface removal of air, water, and product. The main determining factor behind the selection of the high vacuum blower is the expected operating vacuum level. Rotary Claw blowers and Liquid ring pumps are most suitable for vacuum levels of 20-29 inches mercury (Hg). Each Dual Phase Extraction System is manufactured to meet your design and site requirements.

Rotary Claw Blower systems can operate in full range of vacuum with minimal maintenance issues.  Rotary claws come in a wide range of horse power and can be plumbed in parallel to achieve higher airflow rates. The claw blowers should be coupled with an auto oiler to prevent lobes from seizing during long term shut down.

Vapor liquid separators should be installed prior to the rotary claw pump to prevent moisture carry over and transfer collected liquids to discharge point.


Liquid Ring Pumps (LRP) provide high vacuum up to 29” Hg and high flow with range of different horse power. Oil sealed design eliminates problems with water usage, water quality, and maintenance encountered with water sealed units.

LRP’s Should be coupled with an inlet particulate filter-Integral seal oil reservoir with low oil level switch, coalescing air-oil separator element, pressure gauge, and sight glass Air cooled seal oil heat exchanger with temperature control valve, High temperature switch and Vacuum relief valve.

Regardless of the vacuum blower chosen a vapor liquid separator should always be installed inline prior to the blower to capture extracted liquid and minimize on liquid carry over to the blower inlet.

Vapor Liquid Separators are sized based on air flow rates and retention time.  At a minimum the VLS should include an inlet filter, Ambient air dilution valve with control valve, Discharge demister element, Discharge Pump with controls, and Instrumentation – vacuum / pressure / temperature gauges.

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