Politeknik Engineerin Ltd.

Politeknik Engineerin Ltd.

POLITGKNIK is capable of providing and installing high voltage systems at the following ranges:

  • Secondary Voltage : 60 kV -150 kV
  • Secondary Current : 200 mA - 2400 mA

Modern control units provided and installed by POLITGKNIK enjoy a crucial performance and safety for automatically optimising electrostatic precipitators under operating conditions.

Identifying electrical parameters of high voltage systems accurately and applying them to the system is crucial for optimising electrostatic precipitator output.

Significant steps have been taken for 3-phase and high frequency transformer systems and controllers as well as increased electrostatic precipitator output. POLITGKNIK closely follows up with the advancements, and applies state-of-the-art high voltage systems to electrostatic precipitator improvements with very good results.

In addition to selecting and applying high voltage systems correctly, what also matters is the reliability of the systems. Reliable and proper systems that require high technology is important for the performance of all electrostatic precipitator systems.

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