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- Model LC Series - Highly Efficient Flue Gas Desulphurization Circulating Pump


LC series of highly efficient flue gas desulfurization circulating pump is new generation carefully developed circulating tower circling pump. It is based on the LC-T series success of slurry pump, according to China industrial flue gas desulphurization pump characteristics, absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of similar products. Absorbing tower circling pump is large key equipment  in flue gas desulfurization device. The device requires high demands reliability and service life. More than half of electric energy consumed by the FGD device is used to drive the absorbing tower circling pump. Therefore, the circulating pump  has higher efficiency. Pump hydraulic design, structure design and flow components material selection directly affect efficiency of pump running, reliability and working life.

LC series circulating pump, its body and cover etc. adopt 2605N material, while the impeller and wear plate adopt Cr30A material.
Reference to the French J•S company two-phase flow pump design and manufacturing technology,  pump hydraulic design is greatly improved by adopting modern technology of CAD, CFD.

  • Pump is single-stage, single suction centrifugal pump, it is proved that the form is particularly applicable to FGD device absorbing tower circling pump to transport abrasive, corrosive slurry in practice.
  • Impeller, wear plate does not use the mouth ring sealing form, because the mouth ring device will be worn by slurry rapid, which quickly reduces pump efficiency.
  • With axial adjustment structure, the gap of the impeller and the front cover plate and the wear plate can be conveniently adjusted, thereby maintaining the pump high efficiency. It is the most simple and effective way to keep the pump run in high efficiency
  • Pump arrangement uses pull structure, which requires no need for dismantling inlet and outlet pipe-line when remove impeller and assemble mechanical seal.
  • Bearing lubricated by thin oil. Bearing should be mounted in a dismountable axial box sealed with rubber sealing ring.
  • Pump shaft diameter is large, with short head, which can reduces shaft deflection when work, thus prolongs the seal working life.

  • The slurry pH2.5~ 13, the chloride ion concentration ≤ 60000PPM
  • Weight concentration of CW ≤ 60%, medium temperature ≤100℃

Main uses
The series desulfurization pumps are widely used in thermal power, aluminum smelting and refining industries to transport limestone and gypsum slurry.

Meaning of the type

  • LC600/825
  • LC:Circulating pump series
  • 600: Pump outlet diameter(mm)
  • 825:Impeller nominal diameter(mm)

  • Flow:800 ~ 14000m3/ h
  • Lift:15 ~ 44m
  • Speed:300 ~ 2900r / min
  • Outlet diameter:300~1500

Application: FGD desulfurization tower limestone slurry circulation

  • Material: 2605N, Cr30A
  • Lubrication: oil lubrication

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