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- Model ANATROLLER ARI-10 - Highly Manoeuvrable Miniature Mobile Robot



The ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 is a highly manoeuvrable miniature mobile robot, designed to be easily deployed in seconds and work in both vertical and horizontal ducts. This robot is specialized for professional inspection, brushing, coating and disinfecting operations in metallic ductwork. A built-in high resolution camera and removable 360° rotating full HD cameras provide the most effective solution for professional duct inspection.

The ANATROLLER ARI-10’s unique movement system allows it to clean and inspect metallic ducts vertically. It is equipped with a removable module on top of its base, which contains extra lighting and the customizable tool holder.

This robot represents the most significant advance to duct cleaning equipment commercially available, thanks to its small size, stain-less steel cable, two wheel drive train and HD cameras, enabling HVAC contractors to leave every duct spotless, distinguishing you from your competition by ensuring satisfied clients every time the ANATROLLER ARI-10 is used.

  • Camera #1 Integrated in robot
  • White control pad
  • 100 foot stainless steel cable
  • Black carrying case
  • CW 1403: ¼ inch with 3 whips
  • CW 1401: ¼ inch with 3 whips
  • CWF 1401 forward blowing 1/4 inch with 3 whips
  • CB 014AF forward aluminum

  • Compact modular design;
  • Anti tilting robot;
  • Light weight;
  • Works in vertical and horizontal ducts
  • Zero-radius turning;
  • Climbs obstacles;
  • Grad up to 45 deg;
  • Resists vibrations and the industrial environment;
  • Water resist (optional);
  • Low maintenance;
  • Simple control;
  • Customizable tool holder;
  • High quality precision machined;
  • Custom ordered.

  • Extra Camera for rear view
  • Full HD 1080p 360° rotatable camera
  • with remote video recording
  • Extra lighting with intensity control
  • Extra battery-powered lighting
  • Dual power modes; battery or AC powered
  • Touch screen monitor for viewing and video recording

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