- Ceramic Membrane for Industrial Parts



This system allows continuous recycling through the ceramic membrane to keep the wash solution clean and free of oil, fine particles, metals, and other contaminants. Features and benefits include a compact design, broad pH range of 2-13, and a high temperature operation of up to 300° F. Large-capacity skid systems are also available.

The new dense pack ceramic membrane crossflow technol- ogy is the ideal way to maintain your parts washing operation and keep it in superior condition.

Continuous recycling through the ceramic membrane keeps the wash solution clean and free of oil, fine particles, metals, and other contaminants which in turn, improves product yield. The non-complex design is easy to install, and requires minimal supervision to operate and maintain. It not only maintains the integrity of the process but also extends the useful life of the fluid, reduces labor, and reduces new fluid purchases. The resulting highly concentrated contaminants allow for convenient hauling and lower waste disposal costs.

Because of the new ceramic technology, the membrane may be used for high temperature applications and does not remove soaps, rust inhibitors, and other additives, thereby significantly reducing chemical usage.

  • Compact design
  • Broad pH range of 2 -13
  • May be steam cleaned
  • Chemically robust (compatible with aqueous and nonaqueous steams)
  • Durable ceramic extends life of membrane
  • Immune to chlorine attack
  • Extended life prior to cleaning
  • High temperature operation to 300° F
  • Larger-capacity skid systems available

Parts washing.

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