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HiRENOL (High performance REsin of pheNOL) is a brand name of phenolic resins produced by KOLON Industries, Inc. and meets customers’ needs with excellent technology and customer services. From cars that we drive to houses we live in, streets we walk on, computers we use at work, and heating equipments, HiRENOL has a wide range of applications. It is also used in advanced materials like high-tech and high-purity electronic materials produced from environment-friendly substances. HiRENOL of KOLON Industries, Inc. continues its effort to make customers comfort and convenience.

Excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, electrical insulation, and mechanical strength. As a general-purpose resin, it is used in/for cast (engine manufacturing, molding), wheels (grinding wheels), abrasive cloth, friction materials (brakes), felt (car interior), molding (electrical sockets, rice cooker lids), and refractory (refractory binder) industries. And, as an advanced-purpose resin, it is used in/for adhesive, paint (eco-friendly), ink (newspaper ink), tire and rubber (tackifier, steel rod adhesive, hardness reinforcement, etc), fabric tire cord adhesive, and electronic materials (semiconductor, EMC, PCB, etc.) industries.

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