Hitema International

- Model ENW.200 - Water-Cooled Chiller



Water-cooled chiller ENW.200 for indoor installation, with open frame 3355mm of length instead of the standard length of 4355mm. Chiller without tank and without pump, with two plate evaporators and with two plate contenders each with 3-ways pressostatic control valves.

  • Model: ENW.200
  • Country: UK
  • Application: PLASTIC & RUBBER
  • Cooling capacity: 236kW
  • Evaporator inlet/outlet fluid temperature; Fluid type: +15°C/+10°C; Water
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Type of compressors: SCROLL
  • Ambient temperature: +35°C
  • Delivered in: 4 weeks

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