- Model CM1 - Crate Washers



ProductHJORTKAER crate washers are available in a variety of models with capacities from 150 - 5000 crates / hour. If requirements are between 100 to 500 crates / hour, the choice will often be our smaller industrial models from Kittner.

Our CM1 model is modular, which makes it possible to tailor a solution for the actual task, and expand or modify the machine at a later stage. Warm wash and drying sections in the CM1 model is constructed with insulated and fully welded, double walls in both tank and cabin to minimize heat loss and noise.
Apart from plastic crates, The CM model has previously also been delivered for washing of special items such as gas cylinders, steel boxes, meat hooks and dry ice containers.

HJORTKAER washing machines are built with standardized mechanical components to ensure simple and quickservicing and replacements.

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