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Model HM-5 - Reflux Extractors



Reflux extraction is the least expensive method for determining asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures. Solvent vapor generated by hot plate passes around and through sample contained in two wire mesh cones lined with filter paper. Reflux solvent from the water-cooled condenser percolates through the sample repeatedly until the bitumen is extracted.

Extractors are offered in nominal capacities of 1,000g and 2,000g. Models HM-5 and HM-6 include Hot Plate, Extraction Jar, two interlocking wire mesh Cones with bail handles, copper Condenser with water inlet/outlet tubes, Filter Paper, and instructions. Model HM-5 has 6in (152mm) diameter jar and 6in (152mm) hot plate; Model HM-6 has 8-3/4in (222mm) diameter jar and 9in (228mm) hot plate. Both jars are 18in (457mm) high with ground tops for tight condenser fit. Included insulating pad is used for protection next to hot plate surface. HMA-54 and HMA-64 Grade 613 Filter Papers are supplied in packages of 100. Est. Ship Wt.: 24lb (11kg). HM-6 Est. Ship Wt.: 40lb (18kg). See Hot Plates listed elsewhere.

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