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Model HM-8 - Vacuum Extractor



Gilson HM-8 Vacuum Extractor with 3,000g capacity has superior design features for quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures using the vacuum method. Extractor base is a 16in (407mm) dia. x 8in (203mm) high painted aluminum extract collection tank with carrying handles, a gauge-fitted vacuum source connection, and an extract drain valve. Two sight-glass gauges are provided to monitor solvent level and color of extract during extraction. A 12.25x4.5in (311x114mm), IDxH removable funnel ring clamps filter paper and a perforated aluminum support plate to base with a Viton O-Ring seal. Sample and solvent are placed on paper inside the ring. Improved design features anodized aluminum funnel ring for protection from corrosive solvents. Quick-action wing bolt fasteners between ring and base have no exposed threads to damage. Filter paper support plate has disk spacers to prevent collapse under vacuum.

HM-8 Vacuum Extractor includes Vacuum Gauge, 25 Filter Papers, Filter Support, O-Ring Seal, 4ft (1.2m) Vacuum Hose Connection, and instructions. For best results Gilson recommends using biodegradable terpene-based solvents and HMA-54-2 filter papers. Both the HMA-54 and HMA-54-2 are sold in packages of 100. Vacuum source is required; order vacuum pumps separately. The HMA-56, 4lb carton of Diatomaceous Silica Filtering Aid for slow filtering samples is sufficient for 36 tests. Est. Ship Wt.: 68lb (31kg).

  • Includes fitted vacuum gauge.
  • Extract or tank has two sight-glass gauges and drain valve.
  • Aluminum funnel ring.
  • Quick-action wing fasteners between funnel and base.

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