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- Model 70TX-M1 - Single Channel Transmitter



The UHF mini transmitter 70TX-M1 is one of the smallest crystal stabilized transmitter modules in its class. A wide voltage range and its low power consumption combined with the small size makes the module ideal for portable and mobile applications. By the interesting combination of reliable technologies it was possible to design a product, putting together the advantages of frequency stable crystal oscillators and the synthesizer concept in a very small size The 70TX-M1 transmitter is a single channel, crystal stabilized solution, available for the frequency range from 410 to 510 MHz, mainly in the european 70cm ISM band from 433,100 to 434,75 MHz. The combination with our receiver modules 70RX-M1 or 70RX-S1 offers the user a perfect radio system with long distance communication at simplex or half-duplex. Together with our remote control unit FSM24 you can reach 2000 m and more at free sight.

  • Narrow band single channel transmitter
  • very small size
  • less current consumption
  • Data rate up to 9600 Bd
  • No licence required
  • compliance to R&TTE (99/5/EG), EN 300 220
  • FCC and Canada notifications

  • Remote control systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Alarms
  • Security Systems

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