- Model 20kN/m-1200kN/m - High strength geocomposite

Hockgeocomposite are knitted non-woven composite comprising a non –woven geotextile reinforced with high tenacity polyester yams or glass rovings in two orthogonal directions. The high tenacity, high molecular weight, low CEG polyester yarns/glad rovings with high tensile strength and low creep performs the function of reinforcement and the non-woven performs the functions og separation, filtration and drainage. The product is resistant to the chemical and biological radiation. The excellent drainage or in-plan permeability enabtes an accelerated dissipation of excess pore water pressure. Hockgeocomposite are widely used for road and railway applications. These products provide the ideal combination of functions of separation between the granular base course layer and the soft and possibly saturated sub grade; filtration and drainage capability of HOCKcom geocomposite allows free water flow, enabling accelerated dissipation of excess pore water pressure. It also prevent migration of f

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