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T8 tractors are the most powerful rigid tractor series available with a full powershift transmission. The entire range boasts New Holland’s cutting-edge SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance. This means that the Cursor 9 engine enjoys exceptional breathability for a significant performance advantage. All models benefit from Engine Power Management which offers more power for demanding PTO, hydraulic and transport applications, with up to 49hp(CV) extra on the T8.390.T8 tractors were not designed solely for primary arable work. The long wheel base and exceptional maneuverability ensure the T8 can not just excel at heavy draft applications, they are also perfect for secondary cultivation, drilling and haulage tasks. The integrated front linkage and PTO means that a full range of front mounted implements can be fitted and powered..

Lower Operating Cost
Operating costs for the new, Tier 4A compliant T8 tractors have been reduced by 17%, thanks to cutting-edge SCR technology, when compared to existing Tier 3 models. This is due to improved fuel efficiency and long service intervals. Even when the cost of AdBlue® is taken into account.
Exactly What It Says On The Engine Hood
T8 tractors offer improved performance thanks to the Tier 4A SCR advantage, and these productivity enhancing characteristics are immediately obvious to all users. How? Quite simply, it is on the hood. The first two digits ‘T8’ refer to the tractor’s category and the following three, for example ‘390’, refer to the maximum engine power the T8 can deliver when its Engine Power Management is active.

  • Max. EPM horsepower - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW / hp(CV)]: 219 / 298
  • Rated horsepower - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW / hp(CV)]: 189 / 257
  • Transmission: Ultra Command Full-Powershift
  • Max. lift capacity at ball ends (kg): 9130

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