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- Model CPH - Hollow Fibre Module


The novoflow CPH-plant consists of hollow fibres with identical, separating active membrane on the inner and outer side in plastic housing. The hollow fibres are temperature-stable up to 50°C.

Optimal application

  • Separation of low-concentrated particles, colloids, micro-organisms, viruses and macro molecules from industrial process waters and waste waters
  • Policing filter

Advantages and special properties

  • Chemical resistance (3.600.000 ppmh vs. free chlorine, 1000 ppmh vs. H2O2)
  • Double protection, long operating life and reduced cleaning requirements due to active membrane layers in- and outside the hollow fibre
  • Minimal cleaning required and long service life, by virtue of the special structure of the hollow fibre with identical, separating active membrane on the inner- and outer side
  • Low-maintenance by secure sealing between raw- and clean water phase due to potting of the fibre socket into the synthetic module tube. Neither 0-rings nor wearing seals are used
  • Large pressure range (including pre-pressures) up to 4-bar scan is utilized for filtration
  • No chemically contaminated flushing waters are produced during operation
  • Space-saving modular design due to radial assembly and dis-assembly (no additional headroom is needed)
  • Vertical positioning for optimal air-cleaning
  • Light modules (30 kg) can be mounted manually

Operation mode

  • Filtration is performed from the outside to the inside of the membrane fibres
  • Filtration phase: Fully automatic, continuous mode of operation with cyclical back flushing
  • Air-cleaning phase: Membranes are exposed in timing cycles to air cleaning. Contaminations are collected after air cleaning and rinsing water has been discharged
  • Chemical cleaning: After extended operating periods a chemical cleaning step is needed to restore original filtration performance

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