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- Catalytic Oxidation System


The industrial air pollution control catalysts favoured by Air Protekt comprise thin-walled honeycomb supports coated with a fine dispersion of Platinum Group Metals, impregnated into a high surface area washcoat. The Platinum Group Metal catalysts, which form the heart of a Honeycat catalytic oxidation system, are derived from well-proven autocatalyst technology and offer numerous benefits compared with rival catalytic systems.

These include

  • Very high surface to volume ratio using metal and ceramic monoliths
  • Low resistance to gas flow with more than 90 percent open area
  • Very high intrinsic activity from the use of Platinum Group Metals
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures and temperature cycling
    • maximum 650°C continuous
    • peaks to 725°C
  • High poison resistance and the ability to chemically wash the catalysts
  • Long effective life
  • Typically five to seven years
    • Up to 10 years for many applications
  • Range of catalyst types
  • Economic recovery of the catalyst due to the PGM value
  • Standard VOC oxidation catalyst
  • Chlorinated VOC catalyst
  • LHC catalyst for methane, ethane, propane
  • Sulphur-resistant catalyst.

The benefits of Air Protekt’s Honeycat catalytic oxidation system design solutions include:

  • Flowrates that can be treated in a single catalytic oxidiser range from 10m3/hr to 60,000m3/hr
  • Catalyst modules for installation into existing process exhausts, utilising only the process temperature and pressure (eg ovens, kilns and out-of-compliance thermal oxidisers)
  • Concentrator plus catalytic oxidiser
    • VOC concentrations between 600 and 2,000mg/m3
    • flowrates up to 300,000m3/hr
  • Secondary heat recovery for space heating:
    • steam
    • hot oil
    • hot water
    • hot air
  • Abatement of a wide range of chemicals:
    • light hydrocarbons
    • carbon monoxide
    • chlorinated and non-chlorinated VOCs
    • sulphated organics
  • Low fuel costs – often no fuel is required during continuous operation
  • A range of fuels can be used:
    • electricity
    • natural gas
    • or propane to light fuel oil
  • Flexibility of operation (continuous to intermittent)
    • warm-up times of 30 minutes or less

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