Standard Teco Limited

Standard Teco Limited

Honeycomb Ceramic as Heatexchange Media for RTO



Ceramic Honeycomb heat accumulation substrate has low heat expansion coefficient, large surface area, good heat stability and anticorrosion.

  • Nox purification system in the smoke of the thermal powe plant;
  • The harmful gas purification system in rubbish burning;
  • Poison gas purification system in chemical and mining industries. The slag filter for casting production in the metallurgical industry, The catalyst substrate, Stuffing material for chemical industry columns and Contact combustion.

All the data is only for reference, specific sizes and hole shapes are according to customers' requirements.

5. Product Benifit:

  • High surface area
  • High porosity ratio
  • Small airway resistance
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Good resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal stability.high working temperature
  • Material :Cordierite
  • Cells Density :7~400 CPSI
  • Size :Customize
  • Usage :Industrial Ceramic Honeycomb
  • Color :white
  • Shape :Squareness
  • Packing :in Cartons and wooden pallet
  • Payment Term :T/T or L/C
  • Delivery Time :within 10 days after receipt payment

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