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Honeycomb Ceramic Carrier



The material of Honeycomb Ceramic is cordierite, the major function is provide inert Physical Stucture for catalyst coating. To have bigger surface catalysis on smaller volume, we make its surface to Honeycomb. Its great virtue is large surface area,  small thermal expansion coefficient, good Resistance to Thermal,acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. Its cells per square inch could be 100cpsi, 300cpsi, 400cpsi or 600cpsi and it’s shape could be round shape, oval shape or raceway shape and too meet different motorcycle type of customer we also can make some special shape according to customer’s requiment.

Product features:
1.pass thin
2.large surface area
3.low back-pressure
4.high strength
5.small thermal expansion coefficient
6.good Resistanceto Thermaland resistance to heat shock has good matching attribute with different kinds of active
8.Better cold start performance,low ignition temperature,rapid temperature-rising,small air-resistor and high transformation efficiency

Principle & Application:after coat catalyst on the surface of substrate,it could be used for gas purification system.It can change this HC,CO,NOX and other noxious gases in exhaust to innocuous gas when this exhaust pass it.

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