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Honeycomb Ceramic Heat Accumulation



Our high property  honeycomb ceramic heat accumulation which was aimed at our actual combustion of  heating furnace was manufactured. It  can adapt to most of physical condition of low control level and bad combustion status.The hole pattern mainly have square and  regular hexagon two structure, and the pore canal are parallel to each other. This structure not only reduce stomatal resistance,but also increase heat exchange rate of single volum.It’s benefit to the change to stove and improve the efficiency of heat recovery which adopt to heat accumulating type combustion system of high property  honeycomb ceramic heat accumulation.

Main range of application:
iron and steel works, garbage incinerator,thermal equipment of tail gas treatment,chemical plant,metallurgical plant, power plant,dynamical and industrial furnace,gas turbine,engineer and heating equipment,ethylene cracking furnace etc.

Product features:
Honeycomb ceramic heat accumulation substrate has large surface area, big caloric receptivity, good heat stability,low heat expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance and light weight.  HTAC has been widely used in metallurgical or mechanical industries. It can help enterprise saving energy and decrease emissions of NOX through combine the regenerative flue gas waste heat Recovery Device, high efficiency combustion and decrease NOX ect technique.

1.According to the difference of customer and operating environment, we can make different product of  material and size .Our yearly capacity is 5000cub/year. The delievery time is 30-60 days.

2.thin wall of hole,high capacity,large heat storage capacity and take up samll space.

3.smooth wall of hole,low back pressure.

4.long working life,anti-corrosion,anti-seizing and uneasy deformation on high temperature.

5.high quality. When install, it can be neatly ranged and small mismatch.

6.good Resistance, good heat-conducting property and big mechanical strength.

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