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- Dense Alumina Honeycombs Ceramic Block


Flexibility is on high demand these days, and thankfully this is one of our strong points. Therefore we introduce not only our well known flexibility in different sizes, shapes and cells. We also have different material to offer, depending on your application. Most used is Standard Cordierite (C110) and Dense Alumina (C120). And we make our Honeycombs blocks only in A and B quality, not C quality. We are not only specialized in providing you the best commodity needs, we also spend time on technical and research development. To be able to assist you better, with more knowledge.

2. Chemical Properties( Test Standard: GB/T4734-1996)
Chemical Composition: Typical Data (Wt%)

  • Al2O3 67.9
  • SiO2 26.8
  • TiO2 0.34
  • Fe2O3 0.89
  • K2O + Na2O 2.57
  • CaO 0.71
  • MgO 0.65

3. Physical Properties (Test Standard: JCT 2135-2012) typical

  • Material Density 2.67 g/cm3
  • Apparent density 2.13 g/cm3
  • Porosity 20.14%
  • Water Absorption 9.46%
  • Acid Resistance Strength Wt. Loss 1%
  • Maximum Working Temperature 1450 °C
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6.2 x 10-6/K
  • Cold Crushing Strength 12 MPa
  • Specific Heat Capacity 998 J/Kg.K
  • Heat Conductivity 2.42 W/m.K

5. Packing and Transportation

  • 1m3, 147 / 294 pieces/m3 packed in 115 x115 x115cm wooden Pallets.
  • Transportation: 20m3 in 20 crates in 20' container

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