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- Totally Enclosed, Electro-Mechanical Device


The HOPPER HAMMMER is a totally enclosed, electro-mechanical device used to generate discrete impacts. Simple to mount, connect and use, it is found anywhere dry materials need to be dislodged from the sides of hoppers, bins and bunkers.

  • The impacts imparted by the HOPPER HAMMER cause high peak accelerations in the connected plate surface.
  • The rapid acceleration of the plate surface overcomes the adhesive force that binds many granular materials to the plate surface.
  • At impact, slippage of the material occurs along the plate/material boundary.
  • Energy is also transferred some distance into the adjacent material.
  • This energy overcomes both the cohesiveness of the particles and the mechanical interlocking of irregular shaped particles, in effect, causing a more “flowable” material.
  • The discrete, high accelerations caused by the HOPPER HAMMER are an advantage over the continuous but lower accelerations produced by electric or pneumatic vibrators.
  • Low continuous accelerations made by vibrators can lead to a situation not only where slippage along the plate surface may not occur, but it may compact the material to be dislodged.


The HOPPER HAMMER may be connected in two operating modes:
Demand Mode: Impacts will be generated only when an external electric contact (relay, switch, push-button) is closed.

Recycle Mode: Impacts will be repeatedly generated; a run time (impact period) of 1-9 seconds followed by a selectable interval rest period (standard is 3-27 minutes, other interval ranges are available).

Specifications: Impact: 0-25 Ft-Lb (user adjustable in 9-steps)
Run Time: 1-9 Seconds (user adjustable in 9-steps)
Interval Time: 3-27 minutes, standard unit (user adjustable in 9-steps)
Frequency: 3 Impacts per Second
Voltage: ▪ 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz, single (1) Phase
▪ 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz, single (1) Phase
Current: 10 Amps-Run Time, 0.1 Amps-Interval Time
Weight: 53 pounds (24KG)
Dimensions: 35” Long with 6” x 6” mounting base (889, 152 x 152)

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