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- Model Synapse-i 512/1024 - Low Light Imaging Cameras



The Synapse-i scientific CCD camera is the most sensitive quantitative low light imaging camera on the market. The Synapse-i imaging camera provides real image quantification for direct correlation between the image intensity and the detected number of photons. The importance of the quantitative nature of the Synapse-i imaging camera cannot be overstated especially for imaging of labeled cells, plants and in-vivo imaging.


Thanks to its unique quick-change mounting flange, the Synapse-i imaging camera can be converted easily from an imaging mode to a spectroscopic mode for standard spectroscopy experiments. The Synapse-i imaging camera offers deep thermoelectric cooling for low dark signal operation with excellent linearity. The increased accuracy of data over the full dynamic range gives you a true 16-bit linear range without binning. The scientific grade 1 CCD makes the Synapse-i the ideal imaging quatitative camera for chemiluminescence, plant genetics, photovoltaic inspection, combustion and flow analysis.

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