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Horizontal Monitoring Solution of Remote Sensing Lidar



Usually laser LIDAR is used to vertically monitor aerosol’s spatial & temporal evolution from near-ground to high altitude, and analyze aerosol variation process at different heights. Complexity, temporary and uncertainty of urban pollution make it difficult to inspect surrounding environment and analyze regional pollution distribution only by human.

The aerosol laser lidar with 3D scanning function (EV-Lidar-CAM) is designed to monitor urban pollution distribution, inspect pollution sources and monitor pollution diffuse by horizontal scanning.

Combined with GIS map, you will get a intuitive view on pollution distribution, pollution diffuse and evolution, generated from site dust, vehicle exhaust, Industrial pollution emissions, residential production and so on.

Together with the weather situation, wind direction and other meteorological parameters, you’re able to predict the trends and laws of pollution emissions, evolution, diffuse, and settlement.

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