Stockage & Systèmes

Stockage & Systèmes

- Model 50 or 80 Door Version - Decanting System



Cabinet: Anti-UV treated PEHD in grey and yellow. Lockable decanting ball valve with DN50 or DN80, EPDM gasket (flange connection). PPG Half pump + plug connection (EPDM gasket) + chain. PEHD valve attachment top plate. Lockable swing door with ergonomic handles. Ventilator' for closing the door during decanting. DN20 Cabinet purge valve DN20, EPDM gasket. PPE box + PPE (anti-acid coveralls + gloves + glasses).

  • Anti-UV treated PEHD in grey and yellow
  • Lockable transparent door L350 x H450mm
  • Ringed 1'' end for drain hose in carboy
  • Riser block for carboy with centering stop
  • 4 floor attachment holes
  • Safety marking

  • Product identification plate (product name, UN code, hazard pictogram)
  • “Alarm” Kit—2 flashing 24/230V lights + 2 sets of bulbs (24V + 230V)
  • FPM gaskets on decanting valve and purge valve
  • Front DN20 valve for taking samples before decanting
  • Rear DN20 valve for draining the decanting column
  • Limit switch box + 2 x 24V contacts on decanting valve
  • “Customer specific” marking on body (350mm x 100mm)
  • Other colors

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