- Horizontal Spray Dryer

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C. E. Rogers - Horizontal Spray Dryer

Excellent Product Quality: The Rogers multi-jet principle of controlled atomization, combined with balanced, soft-flow air distribution, provide ideal drying conditions not equaled in any other spray dryer. Combine this with low drying chamber temperatures to insure clean flavor, high solubility, controlled density, no discoloration or heat deterioration - and you have a drying system, which can produce the finest quality powder.

Low Operating Cost

The C. E. Rogers Horizontal Spray Dryer Systems are known for low energy usage per pound of powder produced, resulting in a low drying chamber temperature as well as substantial savings in energy. Electrical load is low for any given capacity and these systems are designed to operate for extended periods without costly shut-downs.

Smaller, Lower Building Requirements

The overall horizontal configuration (and in some cases integral baghouse) allow for installation in smaller buildings with lower ceiling clearance requirements - sometimes a critical factor in overall project costs and when installing new equipment into existing buildings.

C. E. Rogers Company
C. E. Rogers Company
1895 Frontage Road - P.O. Box 118
Mora ,  Minnesota 55051


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