- Windbreak & Screen Mesh

The windbreak screen is made of high-quality polyethylene banded fabric with optimum UV stabilisation. The wind reduction is 50% and the weight is approx. 120 g /m². The mesh is available both with as well as without pole slots. Pole slots that is to say, that the mesh has a slot of 16 cm wide per metre, which can be slid over a pole in order to fasten the mesh. In order to prevent damage to the mesh by possibly rough poles, you can utilize special protection covers. These covers measure 155 x 15 cm and are packaged in lots of 45 (sufficient for one single role of mesh).

Reliable product, made of strong Polyethylene monofil threads (thin round threads). Flexible in use and made according to the chain principle, which means that the mesh cannot slide. Combined with an optimum UV stabilisation, this product will be definitely good for many years of use. The sides are finished with a selvage which has button holes, also on every metre. Ready-made to measure is possible. Mono 50 curtain screen is often used as a spraying screen.

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