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Hose Reels


Spring or motor operated reels are reliable simple exhaust capture systems for universal use in maintenance garages or on single stations. Our reels come ready equipped with different type hoses to unwind/rewind hoses from NW 75 mm (3 in) to 200 mm (8 in) spring operated or for more convenience with an electric motor. Of course we also produce reels for bigger size hoses (NW 250 mm/10 in) or higher hose capacity (20 m /65,6 ft). Blaschke basic and motorized reels are available as: Spring operated reels, Motorized reels: simple switch-box operation or by remote control, Blaschke basic and motorized reels are a reliable exhaust extraction solution. Basic and motorized reels sliding along a slotted duct, electrically or manually driven, or on pivoting booms: naturally even these special solutions are made possible by us. Basic and motorized reels with wide action reach are an alternative solution to simple hose systems hanging from ceiling or to the more convenient slotted duct systems.

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