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Hot Rolled Steel Tube for Extreme Fabrication



A Phillips Hot Rolled Steel Tube begins as white-hot steel heated above its recrystallization point to over 1,700˚F and rolled with a consistent thickness from center-to-edge and end-to-end. An optional pickling acid bath, the only additional processing, maintains hot rolled steel’s less than fine finish, but more than attractive affordability. Hot rolled steel tubes are suitable for the slight bending and fabricating most commonly used to produce lightweight vehicle components, such as fuel filler tubes.

  • Outside diameter capabilities .3125” (7.938mm) – 5.000” (127mm)
  • Gauge capabilities .025 (.638mm) - .157 (4.0mm) Length capabilities
  • Shape capabilities D-shape, Double-D, Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval and specialty shapes
  • End Conditions Haven Cut, Mill Cut, Brushed, Brushed Deburred, Drop, End facing and Chamfering
  • Finishing ID/OD scarfing to remove extruded weld bead

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