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Lakeview Engineered Products Inc

Model E-100 HS - Hot Shot Wastewater Evaporator



Lakeview Hot Shot models are electric heated wastewater evaporators. Electricity is an attractive alternative for industrial evaporation because of its convenient hookup and ease of operation. This heat source is especially attractive if off-peak hours of electrical rates are available.

The external side mounted heating elements never contact the wastewater, assuring long heating element life. Side mounting allows for efficient heat transfer without any insulating effect from sludge accumulating on the bottom of the evaporator tank. High density, foil backed insulation prevents heat loss to the surrounding environment. Hot Shot evaporators are constructed with thermocouple protected elements to monitor and report on operation, incorporating system shut down if temperature limits are exceeded.  Higher evaporation rates can be achieved with the H/O (high output) units within the same footprint
Lakeview provides custom wastewater evaporation systems designed with the correct options to meet the requirements of your specific waste stream.

  • Evaporator tank - 10 gauge, 316L stainless steel standard
  • Evaporator heating elements - side mounted externally
  • Access lid and blower lid - stainless steel construction for all wetted parts
  • Evaporator tank insulation - all sides insulated, 2” foil backed 850°F rated, .30 conductivity, .043SI unit
  • Exhaust blower housing - heavy gauge, tig welded stainless steel, belt driven, greasable pillow blocks
  • Evaporator impeller - self-cleaning, backward inclined radial blade, stainless steel construction
  • Evaporator stack connection - 6” I.D. flanged
  • Blower motor - 3/4hp, 3ph, 1725rpm
  • Wastewater transfer pump - (optional) - air operated (1/2') pump float operated ball valve
  • Evaporator control panel - industrial duty NEMA4 rated enclosures
  • Wastewater level control - high/low level float microswitch assembly
  • Coalescing filter - galvanized steel mesh at water vapor exhaust blower inlet
  • Evaporator clean-out - 4” NPT clean out port at evaporator bottom
  • Evaporator skimming weir - drains through 2” port
  • Blower Guard -- safety cage surrounds the blower, blower motor, drive belt, and evaporator stack

  • Industrial safety disconnect at evaporator
  • Air-cooled, counter-weighted access lid
  • Safety circuitry and manual reset
  • Safety cage around hot/moving parts
  • Wastewater temperature monitor
  • Redundant safety and wastewater level controls

  • Special evaporator tank construction
  • Evaporator exhaust stacks
  • Remote wastewater level sensors
  • Overspray/foam control system
  • Automation package
  • Skimmer/sludge pump system
  • Remote tank oil sensing

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