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Kloberz Sdn Bhd

Household Water Filter


Kloberz Stainless Steel Water Filters are ideal to provide safe and pure water for the whole household. It physically filters cloudiness, bacteria, cysts, viruses, particles, odours and leaves in fluoride supplements, natural salt & essential minerals. We provide four (4) different specifications to fullfill each of your household needs - KLZ-0450-V, KLZ-6 Ad, KLZ-6Bd and KLZ-6Cd.

  • Latest & reliable technology
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • Bacteria and virus free
  • High oxygen content & flow rate

  • Filters water for your entire home
  • No harmful chemicals added
  • Daily self-cleaning cycle
  • Does not take up valuable yard space
  • Works off existing water pressure
  • Does not require electricity to filter

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