Set contains: HygroPalm 22 handheld instrument, HC2-HS28 sword probe, calibration device EGS suitable for HS28, humidity standards 50 %rh with calibration certificate, robust carry case AC1117, HW4 software and USB cable.

  • Typical application: Measurements in paper stacks, for QA personnel
  • Main features: Set contains: HygroPalm 2 handheld instrument, HygroClip HS28 Calibration device EGS, suitable for HygroClip HS28, Humidty standards 50 %rh with SCS certificate, Robust carry case AC1117, Software HW3 & data cable AC1622.
  • Weight: approx. 2400 g
  • Datasheet: Download
  • Manual: Download
  • Order code:: HygroPalm 2-Set-HS28

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