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Model HP900 & HP700 - Hand Diaphragm Pump



The HAND DIAPHRAGM PUMP, or 'Hand Pump,' is a rugged, dependable pump that goes anywhere to any job and can pump anything that will flow through the flanges. They can be used as portable utility pumps or permanently installed to perform a specific task.

  • The molded rubber diaphragm has been tested to last numerous cycles.
  • Lightweight, solid-cast aluminum body makes it easy to carry to the job and hard to damage.
  • The handles are made of rigid steel tubing for durability.
  • The large inlets allow for passage of many types of liquids, such as water, sewage, mud, etc.
  • The solid aluminum fulcrum and the long steel handle gives a maximum leverage to make pumping easier.
  • The rubber diaphragm and valves makes the pump ideal for priming large pumps.
  • Something optional is the wooden base, which provides ideal leverage for tough primes.


  • Wash Down the equipment.
  • De-watering small excavations.
  • Transferring water, fuel, and other liquids.
  • Priming large centrifugal pumps.
  • Pumping out basements and sumps.
  • Bilge pumping from onboard or from dock.

Tips & Recommendations:

  • For longer lasting diaphragms and valves, flush the hand pump with several gallons of water after each use, especially after jobs dealing with corrosive chemicals.
  • Replace the diaphragms and valves that show signs of wear, cracking, or corrosion.


Watering livestock, filling stock tanks, pumping irrigation ditches, elevator wells, and shallow water wells, tran-sferring fuel & liquid fertilizer, and priming large centrifugal pumps.


Pumping out floats, cess-pools, traps, sumps, meter pits, flooded cellars and bas-ements, boat bailing, wash-down, bilge pumping, afloat or ashore.


Pumping out excavations, manholes, hydrants, meter pits, as well as moving acids, and industrial wastes.

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