- Model 820 Plus - Vertical Baling Presses / Vertical Balers



Thanks to its powerful motor, its ergonomic design and its sophisticated and innovative technology, the HSM V-Press 820 combines all of the advantages of a baling press into one machine.

Loading flap

  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors is folded down
  • The filling flap can then be used as storage and therefore facilitates filling
  • Particularly suitable for filling with small-sized material
  • Automatic start of the pressing process after closing the door

Hand wheel door lock

  • Counter-rotating thread for quick opening and closing
  • Mounted at an ergonomic height
  • Easy to handle
  • Opening aid for expansive materials

Crossed cylinders

  • Quick and easy installation due to crossed cylinders.

Optimized pressing

  • Massive press ram and extremely robust press plate guidance.

Convenient and secure automatic start

  • Pressing procedure starts automatically upon closing the door.
  • Upon opening the door a security switch assures an automatic stop of the pressing procedure.

Low installation height and small footprint


  • The entire pressing cycle, beginning with closing the door, is fully automatic. A text display informs you in detail about the respective status of the process. When the pressing procedure comes to an end, the sliding door opens automatically. Extracting the bale is simple and easy, and it can be comfortably transported on a pallet.

Extremely high level of process reliability

  • Thanks to the newly developed HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the angle of the press ram is minitored continuously in every direction avoiding one sided overcharge. Optimising the pressing procedure and assures longer service life.

  • Article Number: 000000000006143284
  • EAN: 4026631056427
  • Pressing power: 178 kN
  • Loading aperture width: 1195 mm
  • Loading aperture height: 558 mm
  • Bale length: 1200 mm
  • Bale width: 780 mm
  • Bale height (up to): 1000 mm
  • Bale weight, depending on material (up to): ca. 250 kg
  • Cycle time when idling vacío: 23 s
  • Driving power: 4 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Width x Height x Depth: 1700 x 2470 x 1075 mm
  • Weight: 1300 kg
  • Number of strappings: 4
  • Strapping material: Polyester tape
  • Industry type: Industry and Manufacturing
  • Press material: Plastic film, Punch waste/residue, Mixed paper, Cardboard
  • Volume throughput clothing (theor.): 781,25 kg/h
  • Volume throughput foil (theor.): 125 kg/h
  • Volume throughput cardboard (theor.): 125 kg/h
  • Volume throughput mixed paper (theor.): 187.5 kg/h
  • Volume throughput punche waste (theor.): 187,5 kg/h

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