- Model FA 400.2 - Document Shredder for Archives and Large Bulks



Thanks to its large throughput, this sturdy and durable document shredder is perfect for use in archives or central stations for document shredding. High quality materials and 'Made in Germany' quality for safety and durability. Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel. Convenient material feeding via conveyor belt. Powerful motor allows for continuous operation. An automatic return eliminates paper jams. Effortless emptying via a removable trolley with a reusable collecting bag. User safety through emergency off switch. Functional operator control panel with LED indicator. Extension of the loading table by 600 mm; used for material storage (left or right). Mobile on castors.

It is prohibited to operate one only machine of a combination-version machine. The safety clearances are only guaranteed with the combined document shredder and HSM press. Before using the machine for the fi rst time, read the operating manual, and keep it for later use and to pass on to any subsequent users. Observe all safety instructions on to the machine.

  • Ensure that no unauthorised persons can access the document shredder. When the machine is not in use, it must be shut down and secured against unauthorised use. To do so, you can secure the mains switch with a padlock when it is in the off position.
  • Do not remove or modify safety devices which guarantee the safe operation of the machine. No platforms or other raised surfaces may be placed near the shredder if they encroach on the specifi ed safety clearances.
  • Make sure that the power plug is easily accessible.
  • Carry out inspection and maintenance regularly.
  • Switch off the shredder, disconnect the power plug and call customer service in the following circumstances:
    • Power cables or plugs are damaged
    • Liquid has entered the shredder
    • The shredder has been exposed to rain
    • The machine does not work properly despite the operating manual having been observed
    • The shredder has been damaged

  • Danger of injury; Do not reach into the paper feed opening.
  • Splinters can cause injury; Before destroying credit cards and store cards, CD-ROMs or fl oppy disks, you must fit a splinter guard (strip curtain, order no. 1.513.050.445).
  • Danger of injury during intake;
    • Do not go near the paper feed opening with long hair, loose clothing, ties, scarves, necklaces, bracelets etc.
    • Do not destroy any material which might become tangled, such as tapes, binder ties or foil.
    • The shredder may not be operated by anyone under 16 years of age. Do not leave the document shredder switched on when it is unattended.
    • Switch off the shredder and pull out the power plug before moving or cleaning the shredder, or any other task outside its normal scope of use.
    • Maintenance and service tasks may only be performed by HSM customer service and service engineers of our dealers.

  1. Main switch (only solo-version)
  2. Keypad
  3. Emergency stop button
  4. Loading tray
  5. Option: extra-wide work table
  6. Left cover panel
  7. Right cover panel
  8. Intake conveyor, paper feed opening
  9. Front door
  10. Braking swivel castors
  11. Oiler on particle cut machines
  12. Nameplate

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