- Model VK 1206 - Channel Baling Presses

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HSM - Model VK 1206 - Channel Baling Presses

For industrial applications with small to medium material loads, e.g. processing industry, PET bottles / UBC disposal, document shredding facilities, printing and paper industry. Suitable for applications with a throughput up to approx. 92 m³ / hour. Bestseller in the small to medium HSM range. Tried and tested for years, reliable and with multiple uses. Particularly suitable for cardboard, foils and PET bottles / UBC. Optimal for connecting to air feeding systems (fast cycle times) - 600 mm loading aperture. Suitable for continuous loading. Variety of uses. Suitable for many different materials. Operating side can be selected. Control of compression cycle via light barrier. Compact bale dimensions. Low space requirement. Approved system solution and technology.

Main specifications

  • Voltage: 400 Volts
  • Weight: 3,300 Kilograms
  • Length: 4,750 Milimetres
  • Width: 2,350 Milimetres
  • Height: 1,820 Milimetres
  • Pressing Power: 160,000 Newton
  • Specific Pressing Power: 45.7 Specific Pressing Power
  • Loading Aperture Width: 620,000 Milimetres
  • Bale Length: 600,000 - 1,200,000 Milimetres
  • Bale Width: 700 Meters
  • Bale Height: 500,000 Milimetres
  • Number of Strappings: 3 Number
  • Driving Power: 9.2 Kilowatts
  • Frequency: 50 hertz

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Width: 2350 mm
  • Height: 1820 mm
  • Weight: 3300 kg
  • Loading aperture width: 620 mm
  • Pressing power: 160 kN
  • Bale length: 600-1200 mm
  • Bale width: 700 mm
  • Driving power: 9,2 kW
  • Bale height: 500 mm
  • Cycle time in idle operation: 8,2 s
  • Bale weight (max.): 100-200 kg
  • Length: 4750 mm
  • Specific pressing power: 45,7 N/cm²
  • Number of strappings: 3
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Waste Compaction for the Logistics Industry

Efficiency, performance, reliability and effectiveness; these are qualities that we know professionals in the logistics and packaging industries want from their on-site baler.

HSM can supply customers with a wide range of balers from our comprehensive range of models; we pride ourselves on using our experience to find the best solution, every time. Our balers have touch-screen control panels, are operationally efficient, simple to maintain and offer an excellent return on investment.




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