Horizontal Subsurface Systems, Inc. (HSSI)

- Water Supply Vertical Wells System


Vertical wells in deep aquifers and surface water sources such as rivers or lakes have been the traditional source of water for irrigation, industry and drinking water.    Intrusion of salt water in coastal areas and aquifer depletion have increasingly limited the use of these sources.  Increased regulatory restrictions reduce usage of deep aquifer resources even more.

HSSI's patented and proprietary one-pass trenching technology provides a unique means to identify and utilize the shallow surficial aquifers as an alternative source for a range of water supply applications.  This is a water source that is simply not available using conventional vertical wells.

  • Water supply for municipal re-use systems
  • Primary irrigation for citrus, row and truck crops
  • Primary source irrigation for golf courses and commercial developments
  • Irrigation and freeze protection for ferneries
  • Control of lake water levels in conjunction with POLYWALL Barrier System
  • Wetland preservation and mitigation in conjunction with POLYWALL Barrier System
  • Primary and secondary sources for public water supply
  • Primary and secondary sources for fire protection
  • Aquifer recharge
  • Tail water recovery

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