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- Transportable Emergency Oil Spill Response Kit


HTP Spill Kits will transform any oil or petroleum liquids into a fluffy, dry substance immediately upon contact. The only spill kit designed for field spills on roadways, soil, grass, troughs, waterways, wet surfaces, in rainy conditions and on ice and snow. On any surface under any weather conditions.

HTP is an organic oil absorbent that completely encapsulates the oil, fuel, transmission fluid (or over 70 other harmful products), allowing the spill to be cleaned up on any surface.

HTP is water repellent, 100% organic, non-toxic, non abrasive and can be incinerated. Your get 100% containment everytime, and that means reduced clean-up cost for you!

Excellent product to have on hand for: Fuel transporters, gargabe trucks, road construction companies, power companies, railroads, mining operations, etc. Basically any company that operates out doors and faces the possibility of an oil or fuel spill.

Spill Kit Includes:

  1. 3 LB Bag of HTP Oil Solidifier & Encapsulator (loose product).
  2. 2 ea. 4' x 3' Oil only HTP containment socks.
  3. 4 ea. 17' x 19' x3/8' Oil only double weight absorbent pads.
  4. 1 ea. Plastic waste disposal bag.
  5. 2 pair disposable gloves.

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